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Omego Mist
​OMEGO MIST is recommended for application as an Ultra Low Volume (U.L.V.) thermal or Non-thermal aerosol (cold fog) for mosquito control, and other insects as listed on this label, in residential and recreational areas where these insect pests become a problem; such as, but not limited to parks, campsites, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, residential areas, municipalities, gardens, playgrounds, and non-crop waste areas. For best results with our mosquito control products; treat when mosquitoes or insects are most active and weather conditions are conducive to keeping the fog close to the ground. (I.E. cool temperatures and wind speeds are not greater than 10 m.p.h.) Applications during the cool hours of night or early morning are usually preferable. Repeat mosquito insecticide treatment when recommended by Public Health Officials or Mosquito Abatement Districts.Use also as aerial application or barrier application. See Label-MSDS

For control of resting or flying adult mosquitoes, biting flies and biting midges in application sites of Residential, Municipal and Recreational areas such as utility tunnels, sewers, storm drains and catch basins, pipe chases, underground basements, underground passages, parking decks, crawl spaces or underground buildings. This product may be applied using mechanical foggers, hand-held or truck mounted ULV equipment suitable for these applications. Apply at rates, up to, but not exceeding, 0.007 lb. active ingredient permethrin per acre. See Rate on labels. Call us 800-445-0180

OMEGO MIST may be applied over specific growing crops and range grasses prior to harvest for the control of adult mosquitoes and biting flies. See crops list on our labels.

How to apply and when to use Omega Mist. Apply when temperatures are above 50ºF and wind speed is equal to or is equal to or is greater than 1 mph. For proper ground application mount the fog applicator so that the nozzle is at least 4 1/2 feet above ground level and directed out the back of the vehicle. May be applied at speeds of 5 m.p.h. up to 20 m.p.h. Failure to follow the label directions may result in reduced effectiveness.

Omego Mist are Synergized Permethrin /PBO products ULV (2-2), OSC (4-4) and MAC (30-30) and are available to you in 4-1 gal. jug cases, 2-2.5 gal jug cases, 30 gal. drums, 55 gal. drums, and 275 gal. totes. We can also ship it in bulk tank trucks. Wide range of quantities…

Omego Mist ULV (2-2) LABEL   MSDS 
Omego Mist MAC (30-30) LABEL   MSDS

For **Aerial Application refer to the **Aerial Application section on the labels. OMEGO MIST may be used as is, or diluted with a suitable solvent such as a 60 to 100 Second viscosity mineral oil. Both aerial and ground applications should be made when the wind is less than 10 M.P.H. For exact rates, see the “UNDILUTED” or the “FOR DILUTION” Rates charts on the labels.. Call us 800-445-0180.

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