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Aqua Mist
​AQUA MIST is a mosquito control product designed for application as an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) aerosol to control adult mosquitoes and flies of nuisance, public health or disease vector importance in areas such as, but not limited to: residential, industrial, commercial, urban, parks, camp-grounds, woodlands, athletic fields, golf courses, playgrounds, recreational areas, overgrown waste areas, roadsides, and other areas where adult mosquitoes and flies may be found. CHECK OUT THE LABEL & MSDS SHEET AND CALL US. DILUTE WITH WATER YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE SAVINGS. LOOK AT ‘FILLIN’ STATION FOR THIS PRODUCT.

 …..AQUA MIST is a safe mosquito insecticide that can be applied over specific growing crops and range grasses prior to harvest for mosquito control and biting flies within or adjacent to these areas.

URBAN ULV MOSQUITO CONTROL APPLICATIONS: For ultimate mosquito control of biting flies and biting midges in harbor areas such as but not limited to utility tunnels, sewers, storm drains and catch basins, pipe tunnels, basements, underground passages, parking decks, crawl spaces, abandoned or uninhabited buildings. AQUA MIST may be applied diluted or undiluted using mechanical foggers, hand-held or truck-mounted ULV equipment, thermal foggers or other spray equipment suitable for this application.

Apply AQUA MIST at rates up to but not exceeding 0.007 lbs. permethrin per acre. MORE SAVINGS NO OIL…..CALL US 1-800-445-0180.

​Some of our competitive products have evaporation problems(full strength product reaching the targets) , won’t mix or stay together when diluting, clogging machines and settles in storage tanks or the spray tanks. With the surfactants in Aqua Mist 20.6 x 20.6 when diluted with water they hold the ingredients and the water together until they reach the canopy. By this process you get the full strength and size of the droplets to kill the mosquitoes. Aqua Mist 20.6 X 20.6 because of the surfactants “coalescence” and “cohesion” we don’t have the problems of ingredient separation, spray systems clogging, and evaporation when reaching nozzle ends…Aqua Mist 20.6 x 20.6 will deliver the complete full strength droplets to the targets.

You are gonna love this one...
Aqua Mist 20.6-20.6 is Synergized Permethrin /PBO products and are available to you in 4-1 gal. jug cases, 2-2.5 gal jug cases, 30 gal. drums, 55 gal. drums, and 275 gal. totes. We can also ship it in bulk.

FOR BEST RESULTS, apply when mosquitoes or insects are most active and weather conditions are conducive to keeping the fog close to the ground, e.g. cool temperatures, and consistent wind speeds are not greater than 10 mph. Application during cooler hours of the night or early morning are usually preferable.

Do not retreat the same site more than once in 12 hours. Do not apply more than 0.18 lbs. of permethrin per acre per year to any site. More frequent treatments may be made to prevent or control a threat to public and/or animal health determined by a state, tribal, or local health or vector control agency on the basis of documented evidence of disease causing agents in vector mosquitoes or the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease in animal or human populations, or if specifically approved by the state or tribe during a natural disaster recovery effort.

Check out label & MSDS sheet…Call us… Huge savings by using water for dilution…see charts…call us let’s discuss. Call 1-800-445-0180 ask for Ken, Ted, or Clay.


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