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Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control Products
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Our goal is to put our 46 years of experience to work for you by earning your business with great mosquito control products that have been formulated, tested and proven to be as good as the best and better than the rest of any other mosquito insecticides on the market today.

 Why proud you ask……“The disease-carrying mosquito, delivering Encephalitis, the West Nile Virus, Malaria, Rift Valley Fever, Chikugunya, and Dengue Fever is by far the deadliest beast in the animal world. The World Health Organization says the mosquitoes cause more than 2 million deaths a year worldwide.”

 That’s why we got into mosquito control products, to save lives…just think where we would be without the efforts put forth by all the people dedicated to controlling this dangerous beast. We strive to recommend the best Mosquito Control Product to fill the exact performance of our customers and potential customers need.

We have a wide range of formulations that we have tested and proven for use only by Federal, State, Tribal, City or local government officials responsible for public health or vector control, or by persons certified in the appropriate category or otherwise authorized by the State or Tribal lead pesticide regulatory agency to perform adult mosquito control applications, or by persons under their direct supervision. This includes licensed and approved applicators as well.

We have adulticides, larvicides, repellents, base oil, fogging machines, back pack foggers, and nets.

Click on the 6 pictures on each side of this page and review our product highlights. MSDS SHEETS AND LABELS ON THIS WEB SITE..LOOK ALL OF THIS OVER AND CALL US…1-800-445-0180

Our products are EPA approved and registered, they are also registered by State, City, County governments. Look our products over and give us a call…1-800-445-0180. Ask for Ken, Ted, or Clay.
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807 Oliver Court  Montgomery, AL 36117 
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Mosquito Control Products